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What if people with Aspergers ruled the world or had a society of their own that eventually developed into it's own culture?

As someone with Aspergers Syndrome which is a mild form of high function autism that is said to give people like me who have it great creativity, higher cognitive thinking then some people around but me also being a complete geek on all things science fiction or fantasy oriented, I have often wondered what the world would be like if we with Aspergers ran the world instead of the NTs or had our own country?

What I'm about to have in my story may or may not have themes that may or may not be offensive to some people and not so offensive to others? reader discretion is advised just like for certain television shows on tv that have mature subject matter.  If you can't handle reading some of the things I will write here, please stop reading now.....

Okay now where to begin.....

As a long time comic book, science fiction and fantasy fan I have been witness to fictitious worlds that have cross the boundaries of science fiction, I have seen worlds occupied by men and beat men along with fire breathing dragons and I have seen worlds just like ours but only they have heroes with powers equal or above that of gods whom protect mortal men in the everyday lives from great dangers that would befall them.

Yet as I, someone who had been diagnosed with a mild high functioning autism known as Aspergers which is a condition men like Leonardo Da'Vinci, Bill Gates, Abraham Lincoln, Martian Luther King, and George Lucas. All of whom like me may or may not have the same problems I have faced with social interactions with people around me and making friends with people throughout my life which was hell to deal with.

I often only got along with people who shared my condition or were on the spectrum of what I had. In my time to myself I would often have angry thoughts about how much I hated the people who were mean to me in my childhood just cause I was so different from them in the way I looked at the world from their views of liking things like sports.

I was often the minority not only in my ethnicity being from a overseas' background but more importantly my Aspergers which people judged me on more then my skin colour.

I lived in Canada a country that wasn't as racist as other places in the world yet I was still discriminated against for being Asperger which was a fairly new thing from the early 1990s to the early 2000s to now in 2014. So I would turn to escapism in comic books, watching science fiction and fantasy stories as they provided me a shelter from the drama of real life.

I have probably learned more about acceptance, understanding and being good toward me fellow man from things like Spiderman, Captain America, Star Trek, Superman, Batman, Lord of the Rings and the X-men then I had with people from my real life. I had often fantasized of what I would be like to trade my crappy real world to live in one of these various fictional worlds I was so at home in? Which world would I live in?

For me the world I remembered I wanted to live in the most as an angry young teenager who was an outcast in highschool was the Marvel/ X-Men world. What kid didn't want to live among these awesome mutants who like me were hated by their world for be different not really trying to hurt anyone but just wanting to live?

Coincidentally in real life when I was getting diagnosed for having Aspergers which was the same time age 15 I was  really really obsessed all things X-Men, the doctor giving the diagnosis was named Dr. Grey. Which was funny as in the X-Men comics there was famous and powerful mutant telepath named Jean Grey. So for me looking back on it, It was a life imitating art type of situation.

Maybe that was the reason I accepted my condition so well compared to other kids whom got the diagnosis my age? :) Well still on the topic of X-Men and Aspergers, even as a young kid I always saw the mutant parallel to Aspergers so very eerily similar.

The X-Men along with other mutants of their world were all born with a an amazing out of this world power and like them I along with Aspies I meet in my life have these out of this world skills from painting great paintings, writing stories, and engineering that we had at birth where was NTs would take years to learn. We Aspies were superhumans ourselves but the downside is like the mutants of the X-Men universe we were looked down upon for being different, some of us seen as dangerous for being unable to socialize like some mutants unable to control their powers and some people were just downright mean to our kind in general like the ignorant humans were to the brave X-Men who protected them from so many world threats.

I had often wanted to jump into the X-Men comics and spend time with the X-men at their mansion seeing what Beast was building in his lab, playing catch with Wolverine in the courtyard and maybe starting a romantic relationship with some young and attractive female mutant telepath like Jean Grey or Emma Frost. Just a place that could maybe understand me better than the people around me in real life did. I'm professor X would've been a good mentor I needed at the hard times I was going through as an angry teen outcast.

Though I also wondered what things would've been like if in that same world I meet professor X's form friend now sworn enemy of the X-Men; Magneto the mutant who thought he was a savior to mutant kind?

If Magneto didn't kill me for being human, but just gave a compassionate ear to hear my tale of how NTs treated me for being Asperger in the real world for being different even a villain who had good intentions but misguided in his actions like Magneto would be outraged by something that would appear small to him of how humans would treat their own kind who had something that was considered an autism. I think? I would like to think Magneto would've been outraged by that maybe even tear up a bit in one eye as all the years I read about the character Magneto seemed to show symptoms of Aspergers I noticed or at least I did.

He maybe would've even extended an invitation for me to join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.....

As I said was an angry teenager in the early 2000's and a lot of the times hated a lot of my NT classmates around me who made a school wide past time of making my life hell even after I would do nice things for them like lend my school supplies out to them or helped them with schoolwork. Part of me always wanted to get super powers and teach them a lesson in as I was a weak kid unable to really fight some of these kids who were the thug types in school.

If Magneto had my back these kids would'v thought twice to mess with people whom were different. Yet as I got older I now realized siding with Magneto wasn't always the best option as the old saying goes violence begets more violence and in world of post terrorism and elementary school shootings violence wasn't the best or most worthwhile long term solution unless you wanted to be shot or be jail for the rest of your life.

We're several paragraphs down and still we haven't got to what the theme of my Aspergers article was about which was what would happen if we Aspies ruled the world or had our own society? I know these paragraphs almost have nothing to do with my theme of Aspies running the world or having a society of our own, but I am merely laying down the structure of what would build up to what I am about to talk about.

As I mention I was and still am a major geek who loves all things fictional with mostly a science fiction, superhero or fantasy flavor. I mentioned Magneto being a mutant who wanted to stick up for all mutant rights no matter what? I mention how I saw the similar parallels between having Aspergers and being a mutant in the X-Men universe.

Well here is where we begin our story.....

Back in around 2006 or 2007 Marvel comics came out with a major comic book crossover event called House of M. A story about what the Marvel Universe would be like if instead of humans being the majority of earth, mutants instead were instead and the outcome. It showed Magneto was the President of most of the world ruled by mutants and all the Marvel heroes having all their heart's desires come true like Spiderman's uncle Ben was still alive along with his dead girlfriend; Gwen Stacy.

That type of stuff, which this idea of House of M fascinated with what if......

People with Aspergers were the majority of people in the world instead of NTs?

Well my mind began to form many ideas of what this world could be like from the information and experience I have gathered around about people with Aspergers and my experiences being around people with Aspergers in my real life. I also took a few creative fantasy and science fiction liberties to colour out my idea of this Aspergers dominated don't be surprised if my article goes on the weird out of this world type of theme.

Well I think if people with Aspergers ran the world the first thing some of you will think is.......WAR!!!! Constant.....constant war as we Aspies are sometimes very guilty of not understanding other people's perspective which could very well lead to misunderstanding even with other Aspies especially other Aspies whom are just as at a loss of understanding social skills as you are but still get what is socially right and what is social uncomfortable. Believe me I have been in plenty of scraps with other Aspies when it comes to disagreements and loss friendships in my past, that is enough to shake a stick at.

So yes there is that probably too many wars to count in the first many many years of an Aspergers dominated society. Yet some of you may or may not believe this but an Aspergers dominated society could also be..........more peaceful or a Utopia compared to the NT run world we now live in.


I know from what I had said before about us Aspies having constant war with each other as we lack perspective and empathy for one another but if you look at history like people like Martian Luther King whom was possibly an Aspie himself promoted empathy toward all men to be equal which was something that should something to show we Aspies can understand perspective. Also Abraham Lincoln whom freed the slaves which in turn give the former slaves freedom whom used that to help build America through their hard work and sacrifices in honor of building a new nation.

Now move we on to Aspies like Leonardo Da'Vinci whom created inventions to help progress renaissance world further to times of more comforts but when he was told to build war weapons was said to have created flaws in his weapons to they'd brake on purpose so that his inventions wouldn't be used for destruction which was something he hated.

So with these three examples I hopefully have convinced or tried as best I could to convince you that if we Aspies had a society it could lead to peace and progress instead of war like everyone even Aspies stereotypically believe would happen due to the Aspie reputation of people like TV's Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory.

What I believe is a society ruled by Aspies could be a very advanced society as you'll have so many geniuses there each with their unique natural skill that holds no candle to anyone else could if co-operated properly with another Aspies genius on something different could make some good results.

Yet to be fair I believe yes there will be war also as we Aspies are still human and being jerks is an unfortunate side effect of being a human in the world.

My opinion is this with all the information I just put out earlier..........

In the beginning of this hypothetical Aspie dominated world like most human histories we Aspies will likely wage constant war with one another over something as small as an argument over who's seat on the couch that is?

What would start off as small argument with two people will led to other unfair this being brought up like who has the major topic in a conversation between two Aspies and other small things like that. Then the Aspies will wage war over these other things and eventually, they'll get tired and go do something else.

Something else would lead one tired Aspie to talk with another Aspie whom they weren't fighting with over the topic of hating this war that was started over something so small. Over time these two Aspies would have something similar to talk about leading to agreement to join forces to end this war that was started by whatever Aspie they were fighting with earlier?

The two Aspies find more Aspies that share their beliefs and stance on the war and some a collective of an Aspie faction is formed that goes up against that tired Aspie's enemy Aspie he was tired fighting with from earlier. Yet that enemy Aspie while on his retreat  also brought friends that agree with his ideals and some every man for themselves became a war between two factions of Aspies.

The different perspective of war over whatever these Aspies were fighting over began to from sides that united various Aspies groups of either side. An old military tactic know as the enemy of my enemy must be my friend. As the old saying goes nothing brings people together better then a common enemy which we Aspies would unfortunately need to go from every man for themselves to a fully functioning co-operative in it's early stages.

It's practically a Darwin theory of evolution that a need for something will make living things evolve and adapt. That same can be applied for us Aspies.....

We Aspies lack social skills to get along well with one another but among our own kind with similar social problems as do warring with one another over pretty much similar reasons would lead to the human need to survive through the need of co-operation what ever it maybe as humans need other humans to survive whether it be holding a door for another person or caring for someone when they are hurt in battle.

Given a situation any person even us Aspies with our limited social skills will brake down our barriers to co-operate for the greater collective good. Yet compared to the NTs at times since we lack perspective we Aspies might have wars that could be more bloodly and higher in causalities.

Over time though like all wars in human history there will be a time of peace the intermission of war as a  Aspie society made up of once formerly warring Aspie factions or tribes would be either conquered or invited to join as one new super faction that in it's future might split off new factions from it.

The peace will end as expected as new perspectives will form that don't agree with the last and several more Aspie wars will happen with a massive Aspie society destroyed only to be replaced by a better one after the end of the next Aspie war in the next time of peace intermission.

This cycle will happen over and over again until one day a Aspie or a group of Aspies who have seen enough war among all the different Aspie groups will stage a protest for anymore wars refusing to fight.

These Aspies will have the natural skills of finding ways of creating co-operation from all they had learned from the past history of Aspies before them trying to build a peaceful society.

These Aspies will come to the logical conclusion that Aspies are at war because of the true fact that people with Aspergers have emotions that run deeper then even that of Neural Typicals or NT's as we call people who don't have Aspergers or Autism.

If you have ever watched Star Trek like I have for many years this statement was used for the Vulcans. A pointy eared humanoid alien race in the Star Trek Universe who are very very intelligent in their belief of logical over all else and have great control of their emotions to the point of not expressing any. The Vulcans on the show when interacting with other species especially humans are usually painted similar to us Aspies in real life as they seem to lack social skills, are bad at lying, black facial expressions, are very logical minded like us, and if not for their control of their emotions would be a lot like us Aspies.

So like the Vulcans these Aspie who are against further war in Aspie Society would through years of study developing a meditation that would work for the Aspie mind have created a way to transform the blood thirsty warring Aspies to more peaceful minded logically thinking people who would have complete control of their emotions like the Vulcans of Star Trek do.

Soon I believe like the Vulcan Parallel the Aspies who have accepted the ways of purging emotion would so develop a social system of conversation where one Aspie would state his or her emotion they wish to emote before in their own words before saying what he or she is going to say.

It will be like this:

Aspie 1 says "Anger, I can't believe you broke my car?"

Aspie 2 replies "Feeling sorry, I  did not mean to brake your car."

If you ever played any Mass Effect games there are a race of non-humanoid aliens called Elcor who are an alien race so alien to the other aliens in the Mass Effect due to their strange faces that can't express facial expressions like humans that when they talk to any human they in conversation state their emotion first they are feeling in word form then say what they want to say to avoid misunderstanding and problems from other races not understanding their way of interacting with them.

So among Aspies having a very hard time understanding one another's facial understanding this way of stating you emotion in word form first would clear up a lot of misconception among the Aspies if they are to interact well with each other within Aspie society.

Also within this Aspie society, animals would play a more important role in everyday life among the citizens then say for NT society. It is a well know fact that I as an Aspie over the years have many Aspies such as myself who has this incredible love for our animal counterparts. As we Aspies like our animal counterparts like to to share in regular daily routines when we get up in the morning. We Aspies like to a lot of the time engage in the same repetitive activities we do every morning like where to walk where to sit and unconsciously a lot of the time without knowing it claim territory we wouldn't give up to anyone without a fight just like animals would do a lot of the times like a dog marking it's territory in the house or more so backyard.

So animals being so alike to us plus general cuteness these creatures have that we Aspies adore so much would play some role in Aspergerian everyday life for us Aspies. As Aspies would take their animals companions to work, eat and sleep within this Aspie society as some Aspies in our world right now are actually allowed animal companions to take wherever with them as they need that support of the animals to live their lives better around other people.

I believe that animals would be loved so much in an Aspie ruled world that Aspies would have greater environmental awareness of keeping animals protected from things like extinction in their society and even have their whole civilization become a mostly vegetarian population that would eat meat/ protein substitutes that are like meat but not living animal had to be killed to make the food.

Any aggression toward any animal in Aspie ruled society would probably be more serious than in our NT ruled society that might lead to life in prison with no fine to pay at all, death or banish from the comforts of Aspie city.

Speaking of Aspie justice in Aspie society, Aspies from what I noticed over the years that I have meet them are a very rule driven people including myself. If I knew something was even a small bit illegal like downloading music from the internet or littering I would go all high and mighty cop on the person doing it. I believe if Aspies had their own society simple negligible laws like downloading music, littering and other crimes considered small in NT society would be much much more aggressively punished in Aspie society to keep things truly safe for the public good.  

The ironic part also about this is there is a statistic claiming there is a huge amount of people with Aspergers as prisoners in jail too. So not all of us Aspies are law abiding citizens either......

Most of the time some Aspies who end up in jail are charged for misunderstandings like doing things literally like if someone said "I want some punch" and the Aspergers person overhears that person thinking punch meant hitting that person and does it getting themselves in trouble for assault due to taking the meaning too literally.

Or an old man sarcastically saying to someone with Aspergers at their front who doesn't want that Aspergers person there in the first place "Great I have uninvited visitors at my door at this time of night, I might as well invite you to watch the Laker's game in my house." The Aspergers person couldn't tell that the man was being sarcastic or actually inviting him in? Then just walks in uninvited and ends up with a restraining filed by the old man.

Those are just the simple misunderstandings of Aspergers' crime but there are Aspies in jail for crimes even more serious that are so serious that it's even moe unpleasant and untalkable then NTs' crimes. Like the story about this one man with Aspergers who got his diagnosis for Aspergers after he was sent to prison for murdering some old woman,then drinking her blood claiming he was a 1000 year old vampire.

There are more of these hideous crimes that some Aspies committed that are really really bad that I won't elaborate on as they are too intense to talk about but those few dangerous Aspies offenders exist but they don't represent the people with Aspergers as a whole as most of the time people with Aspergers other statistics say are victims of crime more then victimizers.

So I believe with Aspies being such an unbreakable rule driven people that much of that would translate into the Aspie society as a whole. That when the highly moral driven Aspie law enforcers come across the truly misguided Aspie offenders like the man who killed the old woman to drink her blood believing he was a 1000 year old vampire that the outcome would be much much harsher punishments for offenders in the Aspie society. For murderers who most likely couldn't be rehabilitated in Aspie ruled society would more likely to be killed as Aspie law enforcers believe the logical thing to keep peace in their society of people so deep with emotions even negative ones is to make sure the offender is ensured he or she couldn't ever break the law again no matter what.......

Eventually I believe that a law would be changed by citizens of the Aspie society who somehow believes peace can't be achieve through executing dangerous criminals would most likely devise that dangerous Aspie criminals be instead banished to barely habitable wastelands of Aspie society to live out there rest of their days to either survive but suffer in the wastelands or just die there for their crimes.

A extreme measure I believe Aspie society would enforce that in time would begin to apply to Aspie everyday life especially for Aspies  who have a tendency to become violent and hit people cause they can't control their angry after someone made them really mad over a very small thing like disagreed with them or told them they did something wrong.

I know this as I as a child was a very angry, violent Aspie child who didn't know how to control my violent impulses when I was in my single digit years but later as I grew I learned to control my violent impulses more and realized that hitting people was very very wrong especially if they just said something I didn't agree with but didn't really try to hit me physically what so ever.

During the time I meet other Aspies I had meet many whom I had gotten into arguments with that lead to one guy I remember in grade 10 another guy with Aspergers whom tried to ram me into a sharp edge corner of a wall in my highschool when him and I were assigned to both carry a long table for some school play production.  I was holding the front of the long table and he was hold the back.

The guy was a lot stronger than I was and I can't remember what argument we got into to? All I can remember was it was something rather small and insignificant like a disagreement in how we could help the Highschool play production and he took it too personally for some reason and during the time we were carrying the table.

Due to his lack of having a healthy outlet to vent his frustration of me, he began subconsciously pushing too hard from behind and next thing you know I was almost stabbed by the sharp corner of a brick wall at school. Luckily I dropped the table in time before I got stabbed by the sharp corner and because I did he comes up to me after and sarcastically in an angry voice says "I like to thank you for giving me a splinter" and marches off not knowing that he could've serious have inflicted greater injury toward me with almost pushing me into a sharp brick corner.

I would be angry at him for the longest time afterward for his selfish, self centered and just plain aggressive personality. So I believe if Aspies had a society with a situation like this guys like this guy I knew would most likely be right away seen as a potential threat to Aspie society and be put some watchlist.

The Aspie would be ordered to take up meditation to help this individual control him or herself but if they still are as dangerous the Aspie society would likely banish this person as the Aspies would have a very aggressive no violence policy within the Aspie city to keep things running smoothly but also safe for all Aspies t walk the streets living their lives.

I believe afterward all the Aspies who have a harder time controlling their violent tendencies would likely be banished from the wastelands along with the dangerous Aspie convicts as Aspies who want peace in society so badly that they'd loose too much perspective and kick the dangerous Aspies out for the logical greater collective good.

From there many people of Aspergers society wouldn't ever engage in violence with one another and just try to develop more peaceful means to resolving conflicts between Aspies.

From there the Aspies would split into two distinct groups.....

The Aspies who run the Aspie society that follows the laws greatly, choose to control their emotions through meditation and try to live in the ways of peace and logical would begin calling themselves the Asprexians. Asprexians are Aspies with the ideals of living out living out the best aspect of Aspergers which are creativity, higher cognitive thinking, logically thinking, peace and respect for all people, and doing what their natural skills are as a job. The Asprexians would go on to try to make their society as safe and pleasant as possible to prevent anymore offenders from existing in their Aspie society. This would be in the form of a more stable Aspie government that is ruled over by a council of the 13 wisest Aspie that have the most logically thinking minds, greatest amount of empathy for their fellow person, and is fair in their judgement.

This council of the wisest Aspies would be called the Aspie High Council and they serve under the Aspergian elected Queen. The Asprexian Aspies would have an Aspie queen for the reasons that it is stated that in statistics that Aspie females though female in number compared to male Aspies are generally more understanding of social situation then us male Aspies.

So to make an Aspie society that is fair and has better perspective a single female Aspie is voted into office as Queen by the citizens of Asprexia every couple years. The Aspie Queen would have to be very logical thinking, empathic and very good at socializing but still upholds much of the good Aspie ideals of creativity, high cognitive thinking, logic, and love for her fellow Aspie.

The Aspies deemed too violent, dangerous, uncontrollable and just plain unpleasant for the Asprexian way would be deemed the Anarchians called by the Aprexians that because these Aspies worship anarchy instead of the greater good of the Aspie collective society of peace, creativity, logical and respect for their fellow man. The Anarchians would most likely be sentenced to live banished in the wastelands of Aspie society where they would likely kill each other going back to the old early Aspie ways of not understanding co-operation and lack of control. In time however the Anarchian Aspies would eventually build a real functioning but crude society of their own ruled by whomever is the physically strongest, toughest, smartest and logical in thinking member of their society.

So that is what I think an Aspie run society might theoretically be like if Aspies ran the world instead of NTs in my opinion which is mine but I'm not saying it is gonna be like that but just as an attempt as my guess with the information I have on Aspergers. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of what an Aspie society could be like I could be wrong and I could be right. It is all just about speculation at this point everyone reading this.

I hope didn't offend anyone while they are reading this post, I just thought this topic would be interesting a topic to talk about.

Yet again I have my theories and opinions you have yours whatever they maybe, lets just all speculate together as to what Aspie society could be together with our combined knowledge in the comments below :)
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kiarafan2 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
We aspie rule our own worlds, in our bedrooms, in our minds, maybe even in our on sketchbooks. My bedroom is my bubble where I am at peace, it is my own kingdom.
dragonfire1000 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The way this article is coming off is like its a segregation of autism spectrum sufferers from normal people or "NTs". To say that we autism sufferers would be more inclined to punish people who were cruel or unusual to animals or have certain select traits that is typical for us is really just an obtuse statement or observation. Not every autistic person will have the same traits as the next one, some can be cruel to animals, some can be the most nicest but shiest person, some can be straight out rude and obnoxious, ect, ect. Really we are just simply human beings who have some social challenges which usually come easily for most people. We aren't aliens, we aren't mutants, we aren't some sub classification of the human race, and we aren't inferior or superior to any other person.

The one thing I really don't agree on with this blog is the obtuse view of how this "aspie society" would be. Some of these characteristics are simply based on your own experience as an aspie and others seem to be based loosely on scifi or made out to be some strange monarchy with some kind of council-based hierarchy, it also seems to be played out like as if we are more advanced than most human beings, which really we aren't. We're still human, and even if this world was ruled by people with autism spectrum I don't really believe the world would change all that much. I mean there could always be the possibility of an autism spectrum suffer who is like Vladimir Putin who may want to initiate a world war III and have enough military power to leave most countries helpless. I know I had met someone with autism who had become mad with power over a group and decided to do a power trip and call me down as a fool and kick me from my own group founded with that person. So to say an "Aspie Ruled World would be better" would be a shot in the dark statement.

I'm also going to agree with SeriesArtiststarter  on his comment about how people are recognized for who they are and what they did and not by the disability.  Sure some famous people have been said to have autism or aspergers but really even if they did or did not its what they did that had gotten them to their status, not their disability (if they actually do have it).

What we decide to do in our lives determines where we stand in society as a person, not our disability. If we want to live like normal people and strive for success and get better, then that is what will happen when you set your mind to it, but when you just use a disability as a scapegoat to not improve then likewise its unlikely you will. Every person has the ability to make the best of their life regardless of what they're suffering from. Sure there are some jackasses that find pleasure in putting people down, and you don't even have to have a disability for that to happen. Plenty of people normal and not have been picked on for whatever reason, and unfortunately with our society that probably won't change anytime soon. Autism or not, we're still human and as a human we're entitled to some mistakes and we also don't make the best decisions either.

We should not put ourselves in a bubble away from society, we should learn to adapt and develop our underdeveloped social skills like how wolves adapted to learn how to hunt in packs or how dolphins come together in a pod. It is a challenging task at times. (I know from experience) but once you get developed enough it WILL pay off.
joyhorse13 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 16, 2014   General Artist
TOTALLY AGREE!!! Also I HATE when people attribute one's talent/creativity/imagination to Asperger's. It's insulting to all the brilliant and creative people without it, who put years of blood, sweat, and tears into mastering their craft.  It's like reverse-ableism  D:<

 I understand  some people do it to make themselves feel happier; but like you said:

"What we decide to do in our lives determines where we stand in society as a person, not our disability."
dragonfire1000 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think people get that whole "I am brilliant because I am an aspie" idea because they think of those famous smart people like albert Einstein and Bill Gates who have/may have the disabillity. I think it's such an obsurd thing, yes it probably helps lift that person's spirits when it comes to feeling capable, but some people let that get to their heads and they forget that like you said, there's plenty of "average" people out there who do some pretty incredible things too.

I also dislike the "x-men" or "mutant" comparrison theory I have seen some people put out on journals and even as a submission towards my own group. Sometimes they do have some viable thoughts, but when they bring in x-men or something totally fictional to compare it really dubs down the meaningfulness of the statement because now there's the whole segregation thing all over again.

I'm glad to hear that there are more than just a few handful of people who think they aren't "special" just because of a disability.
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You speak the truth there with such strength.
MagicalArriflex Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Brilliant reading, entertaining, funny and with some very good and interesting points.
But I wonder, if we ran our own world, that also means having children, and that means some children would be born NT, and then it bares the question, how would we treat them? The same our current world treats us? Or differently? 
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Photographer
I bet there'd be asshole Aspies who'd take the NT children and throw them off the cliff like the Spartans did with the children who were deformed lol
MagicalArriflex Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Professional Filmographer
That's a little bit my point. Yes we can be Aspies (I find the word a little pejorative to be honest but can't find a more suitable one) we can feel often rejected by the world, I know I was most of my life, we can be seen as weirdos, but does it gives us the right to act like if we are so superior? Does that gives us the right to reject others for being different than us? My answer is no... But we can make others open their eyes on who we are... BTW, if a child was born with a major deformity, like 2 heads, 5 legs and no arms, then maybe the cliff is a good solution after all. Ah ah ah.
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student Photographer
Not in Aspie society we should keep the child with 2 heads, 5 legs and no arms they could be our writers for our Aspie reality shows :)

if we keep the NTs they'd just try to write Jersey Shore lol
MagicalArriflex Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Jersey Shores isn't the worst they also come up with Masterpiece Theater or anything similar, and movies would all be boring new wave pseudo intellectual French type of films :-(
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Photographer
This is exactly why we Aspies need to rule to stop these NTs from making these evil films you have just mentioned lol :)
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Personally not a good idea. After all; We all may be different but how many of us have ever had the very urge to just....Let The World Burn.

Great people are recognized for who they themselves were and what they did, having a condition does not mean anything unless we use it to live, to better ourselves and quite possibly others if one wanted to go around trying such a thing; in my experience being what we are very much means we are Lonely, whether it is the way of things or just an obstacle we have to overcome it all just matters about one singular thing here; Individuality. That is our right, and it is who we are.
Ragecomics100 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i think the world can progress if it lets people
with asp give its opinion and ideas to improve things
BudCharles Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
What I think would happen if 'Aspies' took over the world (sorry if I repeat some of what you said, I haven't yet read the whole thing):
Science would replace gossip in magazines and morning shows
Doctor Who's audience would grow 1000%
Pokemon would be made real with genetic technology
All the planets would be colonised within a century
War would be replaced with video game battles
We would upload the human race to computers and use less resources
Robots would be built to do all physical labour, so the economy would centre around art, science, philosophy and engineering
DeviantArt would overtake Facebook and Twitter
Copyright law would be abolished as money has no logical value but creativity does
We would have the technology to speak with advanced animals such as dolphins and dogs, hugely changing our worldview
Art and ideas would become the new currency as all physical resources could be easily manufactured
The political system would be a "Geniocracy", the smartest person in medicine-related areas would be in charge of government healthcare, the smartest in terms of science would be in charge of government science and so on
"Neurotypical Disorder" would be a thing, while "Aspergers Syndrome" would be considered normal
Due to the geniocracy system, the whole world would be united under one government
People would be limited by imagination only in terms of businesses they could run and artworks and inventions they could create
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Photographer
The only question I wonder is, are the Aspies now ruling the world going to become really racist to NTs and start forming hunting parties to hunt down  NTs for the crap the NTs did to the ancestors of the now ruling Aspies? 

It happened to the humans being hunted by mutants in Marvel's House of M, plus Aspies are just as human and just as vindictive as NTs are if not more or less.
BudCharles Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Well if I took over the world, being an Aspy myself, I would relegate the NTs to their own terraformed dwarf planet somewhere to develop their own civilization and have a policy of non-inteference.

But there are Aspies smarter than me so in a Geniocracy the decision would ultimately come down to the one most skilled in ethics and politics I guess.

Of course, there IS one thing I'm overlooking here, it wouldn't be long before Aspy technology reached the level of interspecies translators, and I doubt animals that had their habitats destroyed for 1000s of years will be very willing to let the NTs live peaceful, happy lives.
VampiresaQueen Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Same here. I, too, often turned to comics (specifically Japanese manga), and watching anime since I was little in order to ignore the stresses of real life (plus anime & manga are my passion). Though I knew I was different from everyone else at school, I didn't know I had Aspergers until I was 13...
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Nice. Yup.  I would be  very happy.  We are in this town with a wall around it. Then you have the NTs which are on the other side of the wall trying to get in. I know. Corney Attack Of the Titans Scene. XD
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Photographer
I. Pretty sure there would be Aspie snipers stationed at the watch towers overlooking the wall built around the Aspie city. If any NTs tried to come in I bet they'd be sniped by the Aspie snipers lol

Jenny345 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014
Yes but unfortunately most of my family if not all are NTs. This includes my friends too. I would really hate for them to get shot. :(
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Photographer
Same here but if Aspies ran the world we'd have our share of assholes of the Aspie variety wanting to press their dominance of Aspie superiority over the NTs
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Oh. Yup. This was the NTs world before the Aspies came. Some Aspies really don't want to live peacefully with the NTs and want to start trouble.
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Photographer
It's like with evolution of various animals species. When the predators of a certain species goes extinct their prey would evolve to resemble their former predators and replace them.

Aspies are the prey of NTs and when the NTs start falling in numbers the Aspies would evolve into a creature like the NTs and return a favor of being just as ignorant back.

It is just human nature  
Jenny345 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Strange. God created us the way we are. Huh? That is funny. I thought that the NTs and Aspies were friends.
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Student Photographer
Apparently not :(
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Korhann Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student General Artist
hmmm everyone that I saw that had aspergeer could "rule the world" on some way, I really find it pretty cool :)
DanosaurusWrecks Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We would have screwed up the world a long time ago.
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